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title: Camo Collection
author: Duccio Maria Gambi
Date: 09.2015

Resident/Guest has been a new format dedicated to upcoming designers and innovative ideas. The first appointment took place with the participation of the Florentine designer Duccio Maria Gambi.


His work is heterogeneous and it was well explained into the collection of furnishing accessories and experiments with materials derived from his research in the urban sphere.

The result was a collection which examined the relationship between the material and colours, as a non-characteristic but descriptive element of the object.The colour masks the shape and volume and attaracts the attention to the material characteristics of the object.

The Camo collection have shown an innovative tecnique for the concrete lavoration, with subsequent flows, producing a graphic with net organic texture, defined and managed by the designer during the production process. It is a project which follows a research about the molteplicity of aesthetic and functional declinations of the same material.

The Camo Concrete table was included in the collection of items edited by the Gallery. Here the designer reveals an innovative technique for processing cast cement. The graphic result which comes from it, expresses the military theme of camouflage in shades of grey.